What We Do

Getting ready to load the truck

Getting ready to load the truck

The Food Distribution Network provides home delivery of boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables to frail aged residents, and people with moderate, severe or profound disabilities and their carers who reside at home in the City of Sydney, South East Sydney Health/FACS District and parts of the Marrickville LGA.

Our aim is to empower people to remain healthy and live independently at home with the delivery of affordable, nutritious food.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are missing from the diet of many Australians – in fact less than 10% have an adequate intake.

Add that to disadvantage, poverty and food insecurity and our service becomes critical to the well being of our customers while supporting their independent living in the community.   

We buy bulk wholesale produce twice a week collected in advance from clients. Volunteers unpack the truck on returning to our Botany premises from the supplier and individual boxes are then made up for home delivery to clients either weekly or fortnightly according to their choice. We do not keep produce for more than two days and it is stored in a special cool room if necessary. 

Many of our service users find it difficult to get out and about and can become socially isolated. The benefit of a weekly or fortnightly visit from our delivery staff and a friendly chat or even just a quick, “Hello. How are you?” can be an important aid in keeping our clients connected to and engaged with their community. Some of them even volunteer with us. In this way, our service plays a crucial role in nourishing our Network customers’ mental as well as physical health.

Nutrition information and recipes are also provided in an ongoing dialogue with customers.  

See some of our recipes here

For more information about eligibility or to refer someone to our services, please contact us.